Shakyamuni Buddha: Set of Nine Compositions

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Buy Buddhist Art Tibetan Thangka Shakyamuni Buddha from the Set of Nine Compositions.  This is a vertical embroidered tapestry, 23.5" x 35.5" depicting  Shakyamuni Buddha, one of the founders of the Buddhist teachings. He is also know as the Awakened One, the Sage of the Shakya, or the Gautama Buddha.  He explained samsara - the never-ending cycle of death and rebirth.  In his first sermon he proclaimed the Four Noble Truths:

1) suffering exists;

2) desire is the cause of suffering;

3) suffering can be overcome;

4) there is a way to overcome it- nirvana, the end of suffering, exists.

Shakyamuni Buddha is depicted here with his right hand extended upwards and outwards in Abhaya mudra, a gesture of protection. There is a protuberance on the top of his skull called ushnisa, which stands for a receptacle of the divine mind (mana).

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