Unique Non-Movie Gifts for Movie Lovers at Explosion Luck

When looking for unique non-movie gift ideas for movie buffs and unique gifts for movie lovers consider giving them unique Feng Shui inspired gifts that will bring up associations with their favorite movies.

When moviegoers think of romance, pathos, and intrigue, few movies fill the bill more so than the unforgettable classic 1942 Casablanca. Its exotic locale, deep in the crevices of Morocco in North Africa, blend the delicateness of love and the frailty of life with the high stakes of wartime occupation. Toward the end of the movie, Rick looks into Ilsa’s eyes and leaves her with the famous final words that will last a lifetime.

The Antique Tibetan Amber Pendant looks and feels just as timeless. Its Feng Shui energy matches the strength and courage that heroes like Rick and Lazlo need to combat the enemy and do what’s right for the greater good. What would be better than to wear such radiant amulet jewelry as a symbol of protection, guarding everything you hold dear? Bravado, resilience, an insatiable need for adventure, and the capacity to love are the most indelible attributes of every hero. This handsomely made double-sided sterling silver Feng Shui amber repousse pendant, which boasts meticulously beautiful coral and turquoise, speak not only of courage, but of good fortune.

Whether you’re an ambitious man or a motivated woman, anyone who’s tried to move up the corporate ladder searching for wealth and prosperity has watched films like Working Girl, Wall Street, Social Network, and Jobs. Those films inspire and give hope to those who may not feel convinced than can attain long lasting success. Tibetan thangkas paintings, also known as Buddha thangkas, bring ample supplies of positive energy to set you a step above your demanding, always eventful life in the corporate world. Explosion Luck's Bohemian Tibetan thangkas and Buddha paintings offer a stillness and provide the harmonious balance employees need to prevent negative energy from delaying or even sabotaging their dreams. Feng Shui Tibetan Thangkas boost much required health, prosperity, and career advancement.

Thankfully, the power of cinema can also be realized by the power of Tibetan Thangkas (also spelled tangkas, thankas or tankas). These pieces of Feng Shui artwork, depicting Buddhist gods and deities, provide the tomorrow’s CEOs with a plethora of good luck and positive energy to prosper in high-pressured office setting. When used for meditation, Tibetan Thangkas, along with Buddha statues, stimulate the healing of mind and body and augment motivation, attentiveness, and affluence.

The sprawling action-adventure epic Raiders of the Lost Ark, and the rest of the Indiana Jones films give us a sense of wonder and fascination. We’re captivated by the daredevil stunts and near misses. We’re left on the edge of our seat watching Indy get out of yet another hairy situation. But, what is also evident in these movies is the power of belief. The Antique Bronze Meditation Buddha Statue portrays the wisdom of the Buddha and, bearing its China Qing dynasty mark, it enlivens any space with its noble presence.

As a genuine artifact, it reminds one of the Grail that Indy had to find in order to heal his wounded father Henry in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The Grail had healing powers, but it was hidden among several fake Grails and Indy had to choose the right one. The real Grail gives life while the wrong one takes life away. The Buddha statues as well as the Moving Sand Pictures, good luck jewelry and Feng Shui paintings for wealth, prosperity and abundance contain the power to heal and alleviate stress. Why? Because they are as authentic as the real Grail. They are truly inspired by Feng Shui art!