Use Buddhist Art Thangkas, Moving Sand Art Pictures, Inspirational Feng Shui Office Wall Art Paintings to Create Balance

Feng Shui art and Feng Shui paintings are all about balance and harmony. Balance is important in many aspects of life, including thoughts and behaviors. People who have imbalanced views tend to make mistakes or overlook the obvious, regardless of their intelligence levels. In the professional world, success is important and there are many ways to ensure it. Inspirational Feng Shui office art décor may not immediately come to mind as a contributing factor, but inspirational office wall art paintings can keep professionals on top of their games.

Feng Shui Inspired Sand Art Pictures, Wall Art Paintings and Brain Dominance

Lateralization of brain function contributes to the psychological theory of left or right-brain dominance. Logic, reasoning, numbers, and critical thinking are believed to be tasks of the left-brain. Therefore, individuals who are left-brain dominant tend to pursue careers in law, finance, banking, computer programming, and engineering. In these and related fields, many people with left-brain dominance rise to the top of the corporate ladder, serving as executives.

Though some experts claim that brain dominance theory is a myth, there are definite benefits to understanding strengths and weaknesses and trying to achieve balance between them. Being well-rounded makes a person more appealing from a social perspective and more marketable for promotional opportunities. Versatility is the key to landing the best positions in almost every field, so left-brained professionals should try to improve their creativity levels.

Activities and exercises designed to enhance right-brain functioning are available. However, there is an easier, almost subconscious, way to get the right side of the brain working. Try changing the décor of the office to encourage creative thinking and create an atmosphere of positivity. Adding wrapped and stretched wall art canvas paintings promoting positive energy is fun, inexpensive, and bound to influence every person entering the space.

Buddhist Art Tibetan Thangkas and Moving Sand Pictures Take Things a Step Further

Stretched and wrapped canvas artwork depicting steep mountain ranges, beautiful water scenes, or animals roaming the wild, as well as silk Buddha tapestries known as Tibetan thangkas create positive energy in a room. Pictures featuring moving sand turn observers into participants by engaging the eyes and causing the brain to focus. Gaze at the tiny granules of sand to sharpen the mind so it can formulate the next big innovation. Focus on the flowing movement to get creative juices flowing along.

Being left brain-dominant has advantages from a professional perspective. However, it is important not to let the right side of the brain stagnate. Use inspirational office wall art canvas paintings to bring out the creativity of the right brain, enhancing the likelihood of career success. Others will wonder what the secret is, never realizing it is right there in front of their eyes.