Why You Need Feng Shui Paintings, Buddhist Tibetan Thangkas During Meditation

 inspirational wall art painting of buddha for meditation

There's a growing demand for uncommon good luck gifts for men and women, as well as for unique meditation gifts.  In recent decades, our lives have become more hectic – between building a career in a fast-paced environment and raising a family with children who are involved in sports, school, and other activities, it can be easy to see why so many people have turned to the practice of meditation to calm their mind and refocus themselves for busy days.

While meditation on its own is effective, using calming meditation art, such as positive energy inspirational Feng Shui wall art paintings and photos, Buddha statues and Tibetan thangkas available at Explosion Luck, can also help enhance the meditation experience.

Surround Yourself with Calm Energy during Mediation

Buddha paintings, Buddhist Art Tibetan Thangka wall hangings, water art and landscape wall art paintings and photos can aid in gaining the relaxation and focus that meditation brings. Focusing on the beautiful Feng Shui paintings and photographs and truly observing and embracing their natural beauty can help calm your mind and prepare for the busy day.

Guided Imagery Enhances Meditation

For those of us that are not so "visual" in nature, Feng Shui artwork will help guide us during meditation. Visualization is a key component in the meditative process, so the right artwork is vital. The proper guided imagery can make your meditation practice much more satisfying, guiding you along in your meditation journey. For instance, a picture of a still lake or a beautiful garden may be your trigger. If you have problems creating these images on your own, staring at the picture on your wall allows you to focus on an actual image instead of needing to create that image in your mind’s eye.
Because you are usually looking down when meditating (assuming you are in a seated position on the floor), you may have to adjust the placement of your painting before beginning your meditation session. Ideally, your eyes will be positioned at roughly 45 degrees, so the painting should be in front of you on the floor and positioned at the proper angle. Doing this will help keep you comfortable and focused while meditating.

Explosion Luck Wall Art Paintings Can Be Used for More Than Personal Meditation

Explosion Luck wall art can be a great addition to any meditation routine, but the benefits of this type of Feng Shui inspired positive energy artwork go well beyond those quiet moments we spend centering our energy. Landscape and water art paintings of nature can also bring a calming, positive feeling into one’s home and office space. By adding Feng Shui inspired paintings and photos to your space you will bring positive energy to yourself and to those around you.