Five Reasons You Need Inspirational Feng Shui Still Life Paintings for Your Dining Room

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Feng shui paintings make fabulous good luck gifts.  From the beginning of mankind, art has been a window to the mind. Cave paintings depicted simple acts and illustrated achievements that deserved to be etched into early history and preserved in stone for all time. Art has always been important, and many have pursued it as their life’s work and passion.

Feng Shui inspired still life paintings are no different, as they portray life at it’s finest with only simple objects of admiration while also displaying the pinnacle of artistic achievement in society’s quest for perfection. Quite simply, “Still Life” is an oxymoron and an accurate description at the same time. By encompassing the height of perspective and everyday items from prosperous lives, still life paintings literally capture a moment in time along with all its glory. This slice of time can then be a thing of beauty for all time when hung in the right place.

That place is your dining room, and here’s why:


Still life paintings evolved over time, but their main theme has always been showing the best that an abundant life has to offer. They display goodness and plenty in the form of fruits, wine, cheeses, and other byproducts of good times in societies. Simple foods that we take for granted today were not always plentiful; and the joy that people found in their availability is frozen in time by the artist. That joy and inspiration spills from the painting and floods your dining area with warmth and comfort. Isn’t that what you want when you are eating or entertaining?


Realism in paintings is still relatively new, and the level of realism in still life paintings achieved a new high during the late middle ages and has never been eclipsed. We take for granted the photographic clarity of some of these paintings, but they would have never existed without the mastery of perspective by those artists that came before them. The Dutch Masters would have been nothing without Da Vinci. And so, this keen, technical representation transcends the simplicity of the art’s subject matter, and demonstrates the true nature and feeling of the hearth. Glasses, bowls, grapes, apples, and flowers take on new life, almost beyond what they possess in the real world.


We are influenced by our environment, or lack thereof. People who are put into solitary confinement are not very happy. Rooms without windows tend not to be very happy, unless they are made cozy. Doing that entails adding things to the wall that trick our mind into thinking there is a window or portal there. That’s where paintings come in. Once again, art is a window to the world, and therefore to the mind. Bright, cheery, and positive portraits of delicious and appealing scenes stimulate us subconsciously to be happy in our surroundings. Still life paintings actually surround us with happiness.


Sounds superstitious? Many people believe that pictures of prosperity that project your inner desires to be successful bring good luck. Feng Shui involves beliefs about prosperity and luck, and it all comes down to positive thoughts and feelings in harmony with our home environment. We are what we eat. We make our own luck. All of these simple beliefs are not superstition, but just plain common sense. Project the image of abundance on your dining room walls, and all good things will come to you.


We can’t overlook this most important feature. When people ask, “What is art?” the discussion always comes down to “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” People have different tastes, but the vast majority of people have similar ideas about what constitutes beauty. It is universal. Inspirational still life paintings for sale at Explosion Luck capture and hold real beauty for all time. If taken care of, they can last forever and remain in a house for as long as you live there.

Let one of our still life paintings radiate its beauty into your life, bringing with it the luck, happiness, and inspiration that you deserve. Gain a new perspective on home life. Go Feng Shui, and get fine still life paintings for your dining room today.

And also remember that inspirational Feng Shui paintings make great wedding, anniversary, Valentine's Day and housewarming gifts.