Seven Inspirational Housewarming Gift Ideas: Buy Feng Shui Art Paintings

inspirational Feng shui paintings as housewarming gifts

Tradition has always been to bring a good luck gift to your host when you are invited to someone’s home. That tradition endures today. Popular gifts have usually included a bottle of wine, a dessert made at home or bought at the store on the way over. These gestures of reciprocal hospitality are nice; but if you really want to impress the people that are having you over, perhaps you should consider something that is going to last and also truly warm their home for years to come. At Explosion Luck, you can get a variety of unique gifts for him and her, Feng Shui paintings and Tibetan thangkas that will certainly delight your host celebrating their primary home, second home and RV.

Inspirational Feng Shui Inuit Art Sculptures as Housewarming Gifts

Inspirational Feng Shui animal sculptures do not have to be big to impress. Figurines can fit in your pocket to be a great surprise once you are in the door. When revealed, they can be revered, admired, and made into a conversation piece right at the dinner table while the hostess imagines a place where the magnificent and inspiring work of art can find a permanent place in the home. Small sculptures can go anywhere, high or low, book shelf or fireplace mantle, bedroom, den, or dining room. They make the perfect complement to any décor, being made of earth-tone stones and polished to perfection. Animals such as bears, birds, dolphins, whales, and seals are symbols of power and natural beauty that are sure to thrill any homeowner who is looking to set the mood and feel for their house. Anyone who appreciates the outdoors will love the little creatures that you bring as a gift.

Inspirational Feng Shui Landscape Paintings as Housewarming Gifts

The outdoors are majestic. Help bring them indoors with stunning Feng Shui landscape paintings. So many natural wonders have been captured on canvas for the world to see. The four seasons, mountains, deserts, lakes, trees, and valleys have all been immortalized in breathtaking beauty, ready for you to deliver to a home with bare walls. Your host will gasp when they see their new painting; and they will not be able to wait to hang it. Placing a new picture is an event for any new home, and an activity that may well make the entire evening a delight for everyone. What better way to tour a home than with a painting in hand ready to be hung? Grab a hammer and a nail, and follow your elated host as they gush about your gift!

Inspirational Feng Shui Still Life Paintings as Housewarming Gifts

If your host is a homebody, or loves to cook; then still life paintings make the perfect inspirational gift. Light up any kitchen or dining room with festive colors and delicious themes contained within the canvas of a masterful still life painting. Still life paintings embody the spirit of the home and the hearth, with eternal images of happiness and warmth. They instill inspiration by brining the background of the home’s heart to light and filling the forefront of the imagination of the people they surround. A still life painting will become a household treasure and a family heirloom, as it remains a part of the house forever. With the affordable prices at Explosion Luck, you can afford to purchase two or three!

Inspirational Feng Shui Water Art Paintings as Housewarming Gifts

Visiting a home by the shore? Is your host an aquatic personality; perhaps a wave lover, island hopper, or fisherman? Get some Feng Shui water art and fulfill their love for the fluid with green and blue hues. Bring out the cool, misty, mood of any home where water rules. Water is one of the primordial elements worshipped by ancient people, and its power resonates throughout the home to inspire all of those who dwell within. Don’t bring a bottle of wine, bring a work of water art.

Inspirational Feng Shui Wildlife Paintings as Housewarming Gifts

Thrill the animal lover and bring a painting of birds or wild creatures to dinner. Your host will be wowed by the stop action of an eagle in flight, or a wolf on the hunt. The lure of the elusive spreads energy throughout the insides of a structure, invigorating all of those who gaze upon it in passing or in thought. The power of your gift will far outlast the memory of your brief evening. Leave a legacy. Go with a gift of wildlife art.

Inspirational Feng Shui Art Portraits as Housewarming Gifts

Inspirational portrait paintings appeal to the kindred spirit in everyone. Glimpses of faces taken out of context and time seem stolen from a life like a private moment interrupted. People love to look at other people frozen in time and wonder what was happening at that very moment, and beyond to the period defining that instant. Give a portrait and know that your host will look upon it and be inspired more times than you can know.

Inspirational Feng Shui Asian Art Paintings as Housewarming Gifts

The mystery of the Orient remains alluring to everyone; and it serves as a theme to certain rooms and even entire homes for the discerning homeowners. Feng Shui inspired Asian paintings embody and crown the achievements of the spatial relationships of the well-designed home. Dazzling colors dance among brilliant patterns adorning striking figures that mesmerize the observer of Asian art. Watch your host become spellbound as they are inspired by your good luck gift.