Five Reasons Inspirational Feng Shui Canvas Wall Art Paintings Are a Great Wedding Gift

Great good luck wedding gifts are not easy to find.  Marriage is often seen as a time of settling down. It’s a serious venture that requires maturity and mindfulness to consummate the love that has come from romance and courting. Traditionally, it has been viewed as a time to start raising children and looking to long term family plans. But for many these days, marriage is the beginning of an adventure. For some, that starts with the honeymoon.

People are travelers these days. More and more, marriage does not mean being stuck in one place. It has come to represent the bonding of two souls that want to explore the world together, not just a binding of two bodies for all eternity. It’s out with the old, and in with the new.  In keeping with that newfound philosophy, Explosion Luck recommends giving inspirational canvas wall art paintings as wedding gifts that embody the wonders of the world where the wandering pair may want to go at some point. Of course, they will wind up somewhere exotic on their honeymoon, but what about afterward?

Inspirational Feng Shui wall art paintings that make unique housewarming gifts can also be used as a great wedding gift for five distinct reasons:

Inspirational Paintings and Photos of Famous Landmarks

These days, it’s all about collecting travel badges. Where have you been? Name the monuments, the buildings, the natural wonders: That’s where it is at. Watch The Amazing Race, spend a few minutes on TripAdvisor, check out where you can stay on AirBnb; and you quickly see that it is a race to be the best traveler in the world. For newlywed couples, the adventure is even more exciting. Give them a painting that inspires them to go somewhere collectible: Cathedral Valley, El Capitan in Yosemite, Gunnison National Forest or Chair Mountain in Colorado. All of these are places that are incomparable for natural beauty when witnessed in person. They are equally stunning hanging on a wall.

Inspirational Paintings and Photos of Romantic Getaways

In all the commercial hustle and bustle these days, people can forget some of the places made famous by artists long ago that have fallen out of the limelight. The Dutch Masters painted pastoral Holland. French painters such as Renoir and Monet painted lovely gardens and homes in quaint villas. When one stares at Houses at Auvers by Vincent Van Gogh, they are transported through space and time to a simpler place. The fact is, those places are still there. What a way to set a couple daydreaming then to give them this inspirational canvas wall art!

Inspirational Paintings of Little-Known Places

The world is full of little places that hardly anyone seems to know about. One would have to be an expert traveler to find out about them. But get someone started wandering, and the trail leads to more hidden treasures along the way.

After the wedding, wanderlust sets in for the anxious couple. Spark their curiosity with canvas wall art depicting places that seem straight out of fantasy. Amalfi Coast, S.L.L. by Stanley Haseltine captures a seaside resort at sunset that seems straight out of a surrealistic science fiction story. Reality is, this treasured hideaway exists just south of Naples, Italy. Hanging in a home of newlyweds, it is sure to inspire pleasure and longing for many years.

Inspirational Paintings and Statues of Couples Scenes

Frolicking and laughing together is what newlyweds did when they first met. They want to keep that going long after the honeymoon. Inspirational canvas wall art showing young couples having fun make a great wedding gift. Help keep the fun going by providing visual stimulation throughout the home of the honeymooners.

Romantic paintings such as At the Beach by Edward Henry Potthast capture the spirit of young people in love. It is a carefree scene, one which like many others available at Explosion Luck, will bring years of joy to a home. Collectible animal figurines that double up as unique romantic gifts add to the list of unique romantic gift ideas.

Inspirational Nature Paintings

Love and marriage are natural things. Humans need constant nurturing from one another and the outdoors. There will be many months spent inside as the couple settles down after the wedding. Traveling will not always be an option. But spirits can be lifted, and the mood of any home brightened by inspirational canvas wall art depicting scenes of natural beauty and wonder.

For example, Hidden Beach and Memorial Point, Lake Tahoe, Nevada by Tim Fitzharris is a stunning giclee on canvas in blue.