Five Types of Inspirational Feng Shui Wall Art Paintings Every Lawyer Should Have on Law Office Walls

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Every professional services firm, and law offices in particular, can benefit from Feng Shui paintings.

Law is a profession of power. Some say that power is more important than money. Most politicians and people in positions of true power started out as lawyers. The law of the land is the supreme word over everything. Even elections sometimes have to be decided by the Supreme Court. With this in mind, it is important to remember that lawyers like to be surrounded by power. And interesting Feng Shui wall art painting and photos that bring more luck and career success to lawyers are instrumental in promoting that personal power.

Feng Shui is the art of peaceful power. Chi, the eternal life force, flows through the properly designed office and transmits its power silently but forcefully, affecting all who work within.

Lawyers spend a great deal of time in their offices preparing cases for court. A lawyer’s office is essentially a battleground filled with warriors of the law. Therefore, lawyers who get inspired prior to battle are most likely to win. Power comes from winning. Winning comes from inspiration. Inspiration comes from positive energy art. So, here are five reasons why lawyers should have these powerful paintings on their law office walls:

Inspirational Feng Shui Nature Paintings

Nothing is more powerful than nature, unless you believe in God. Nature is the force that God uses to move us throughout our lives. Scenes of nature provide inspiration to those who are surrounded by them daily. An inspirational waterfall painting, a mountain photo, a spectacular formation that took millions of years to make, are all images that will draw the attention of someone who needs real motivation to think through the toughest of problems and scenarios. These images will help a law firm set a culture of power; which means more cases will be won and more fortune will flow within the walls adorned by the paintings that project the inspiring Feng Shui images.

Inspirational Feng Shui Water Art

Water is a symbol of the flow of fortune. Water flows naturally, like wind. Water follows paths of cool, soothing calm; but it can also be whipped into turbulent periods of unpredictable power. In storms, water is a weapon that unleashes its mighty fury in waves and washes away what man has built. There is no greater symbol of power to inspire a lawyer than an inspirational water art painting.

Inspirational Portrait Paintings

The pantheons of power and the halls of greatness are full of inspirational portraits. These are the paintings of people who have come before and achieved great things, not only for themselves, but for all of Mankind. Lawmakers, Presidents, and great humanitarians are subjects of inspirational paintings that can be purchased and placed on the walls of law firms seeking to harness more power and political clout.

Inspirational Feng Shui Wildlife Art

Paintings of wildlife capture the free spirit of the country. Defending the Constitution, human rights, and civil liberties requires a powerful conviction in what is right and wrong. Upholding the law and all legal precedents requires strength; but breaking new legal ground and winning cases in the absence of legal precedent takes real moral courage. Inspirational paintings of wildlife encourage lawyers to win.

Inspirational Feng Shui Still Life Paintings

All warriors need a time and place to unwind from the battle. Lawyers are no different, requiring a refuge at the end of a long, hard day of legal battles. Every law firm has a quiet place, a study where legal minds can go and reflect on the events of the day. Feng Shui still life paintings provide solace and peace of mind to the weary. All lawyers need inspirational still life paintings on the wall of their think tank in order to achieve clarity when calm is needed.