Use Buddhist Tibetan Thangkas and Feng Shui Sandart Pictures to Master Mindfulness

Feng Shui artwork for mindfulness and meditation


We’ve blogged about the growing need for inspirational Feng Shui Buddha paintings to relax one’s mind during meditation. Buddhist art Tibetan and Nepalese thangkas and Feng Shui sand art pictures play an equally important role in the process of mastering mindfulness. Mindfulness is becoming very popular in high-power professions. Many lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs, insurance agents and financial advisors regularly meet with holistic practitioners and meditation counselors to learn how to relax and to focus their talents. More and more, they are buying Feng Shui moving sand art pictures.and Buddha thangkas. Using natural earth tones, and stunning scenery as backdrops, the sandart paintings soothe the viewer and lulls anyone watching into a smooth, blended mood of calm and concentration.

Mindfulness is the bringing of one’s complete attention to the present experience on a moment-to-moment basis. It is rooted in ancient beliefs, such as Zen Buddhism, and modern meditative philosophies which assert that focusing the mind in the minute at hand is the key to happiness. It is also the key to ultimate wisdom and mental strength. The book, Be Here Now, was an icon on every hip book shelf in the 1970’s. John Lennon wrote, “Nothing’s gonna change my world.” Mindfulness is the belief and the ability to realize that nothing is more powerful than the present moment.

Concentrating on a static object, however, has been shown to be ineffective for focusing the mind. This is why hypnotherapists use repetitive motion of a small object, such as a swinging pendulum, music metronome, or watch on a chain, to help people focus. It is thought that simple, repetitive acts and motions help harness the full power of the mind. People practicing meditation often use small water fountains or metal balls on strings to help center the mind. It relaxes them. And it is in that relaxed state where lightning strikes.

Moving sandart has evolved dramatically. For some in fine arts, any movement is considered gauche: Unless, of course, you are a performance artist, or a sculptor of moving objects. Then, of course, the critics may give you second look. However, it is important to remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is up to each individual to decide what works for them; especially when there is a function or purpose involved in the art. With Feng Shui moving sand art pictures, the function is to focus, effortlessly. The purpose is to purvey and pounce on opportunity.

This heightened state of awareness through focused relaxation lends itself to figuring out complex situations, such as legal cases, financial crises, or patient treatment strategies. A few moments of sitting watching moving sand art in the midst of constant motion and confusion can bring a person’s mind to sudden epiphany. The light bulb comes on, and there is the eureka moment.

The same could be said about a domestic diva or a mister mom working at home. A house can be cluttered and clamoring with confusion at any moment. A minute looking at moving sand art, perhaps in the living room or in the home office, can set a person back on track to bring harmony and peace to the home. Remember, a happy home is a lucky home. Get your inspirational sand art picture today!