Top Ten Feng Shui Paintings to Delight Hotel and Vacation Guests

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Travelers can always use a good luck gift.  Travelers are adventurous by nature. Their bold spirit takes them where they want to go, and sometimes even to places they did not plan to end up. Everywhere they stay, they like to be reminded of and reassured about that daring spirit within them. Feng Shui art reinforces their decision to go, and influence their resolve to stay. Hoteliers and proprietors of bed and breakfast establishments can cater to this mindset of the jet setters by placing dynamic paintings of inspirational scenes around the grounds, in the lobby, and within all interiors spaces of the guest rooms.

Here are the best choices for uplifting Feng Shui paintings and photos to boost the luck and well-being of hotel keepers and their visitors:

Inspirational Water Art Paintings

Feng Shui water paintings are part of a broad and powerful category, with its strength coming from the fact that water is a symbol of prosperity, love resilience, power. Water flows, surges, floods, rises, and sprays as it moves mighty objects as a formidable force of nature. Water resides in so many different holiday settings, such as country getaways, the beach, vintage harbors, and river views.

Paintings of Harbors – These bays filled with antique ships and pleasure boats alike, and lined with vibrant cities and quaint villages; tell the entire tale of a town.

Paintings of Ponds, Lakes, Rivers and Babbling Brooks – These will lend their sounds and surround your guests with the rush of water, the chirping of crickets and frogs, the jumping and splashing of fish, and the low thunder of a rushing stream.

Paintings of Sailing Ships – Ladies and gents alike are carried away by the image of tall ships in full sail. Even small dinghies limping out to sea evoke pleasant thoughts of sunny days and sparkling waves.

Waterfalls Paintings – These are magical miracles of nature, presenting perpetual motion right before our eyes, as we ponder their power. High and thin or broad and thick, cascading sheets of white water please the senses.

Paintings of Sea Shores – From rocky and remote, to smooth, sandy, and soothing, seashores transfix a weary traveler’s gaze more than a foreign television show.

Water Fowl Paintings– Swans swimming in unison with necks arched at sunset, seeing their own reflections. Rare ducks sporting shimmering green, jet black, and snow white: Water fowl delight the bird watcher in every guest.

Which brings us to our next major topic:

Inspirational Nature Paintings

Bird Art – No amount or variation of man-made colors exist that rival that of wild birds. Brilliant hues leap from the canvas with every painting of feathers in flight.

Horse Paintings – Equine paintings stir so much within the human soul. They represent power that can be tamed and harnessed, while still remaining free in spirit. Horses are wild and domesticated, satisfying a little bit of everyone.

Inspirational Still Lifes

Fruit and Table Settings Paintings – The real cornucopia, the symbol of our prosperity, is the place where we break bread together. Show it in style with still life paintings of wine, cheese, grapes, and apples.

Inspiring Portrait Paintings

Inspirational portrait paintings capture a person at their peak, dressed in perfection and peering out at the appreciative beholder. An innkeeper can easily outfit the place with all of these Feng Shui paintings and photography very affordably.

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