Inspirational Feng Shui Wall Art for Office Feng Shui

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Selecting the right type of Feng Shui paintings for office is one of the most important decisions that will affect the health of your business.

No matter what kind of business you are in, you can always benefit from drawing in more wealth and prosperity, better communication and huge success with the power of Feng Shui wall art decor and from turning your work office into a real Feng Shui office.  In order to achieve such results, you need to be in harmony with the energy. In Feng Shui, energy is "life force", which stems from the balance between positive and negative forces. A harmonious work environment examines this balance and adds or subtracts the necessary elements in an appropriate manner. This means that everything from organization to the placement of symbolic objects like paintings, fountains and sculptures, should be in alignment with your intentions.

When the business and office environment is in harmony with Feng Shui practices, you will notice significant differences in productivity, creativity and overall ambiance. From fewer conflicts to more opportunities, your business has the potential for shifts towards positive and immediate transformation. Since most of us spend the majority of our lives focused on these specific goals related to our businesses, why not maximize our potential with an effortless and effective practice like Feng Shui?

One of the quickest ways to introduce Feng Shui prosperity principles into your office Feng Shui is through inspirational artwork. This is because art evokes the conscious and subconscious energies which it represents. For ages, Feng Shui artwork has been used to bring in opportunity and influence great minds. While de-cluttering your environment and throwing out unnecessary objects and materials that no longer serve you is a great place to start to bring in new energy, specific images and symbols in art are a great catalyst to move that energy along!

Here at Explosion Luck, we specialize in unique gifts for men and women and high quality, hand selected Feng Shui paintings for office to suit even the most demanding type A personality clients. Our Feng Shui experts bring you a top selection of authentic paintings to get you started on optimizing your business and office Feng Shui for wealth, prosperity, luck and creativity.

So, how does inspirational wall art for businesses work? First and foremost, it is important to focus on inspiring images that are based on the five Feng Shui elements.  These elements establish the Feng Shui foundation of a prosperous, harmonious and focused business. Water is a significant magnet for wealth, while wood symbolizes growth and renewal. Metal or sculpture on the other hand, is a wonderful element to add for grounding and focusing your intention and energy.

If your business is slow and you want to exceed your monthly revenue goals, start by picking a painting from our inspirational water pictures gallery.


If your workplace is lacking inspiration, passion and motivation, check out our beautiful selection of landscape paintings. Maybe there are many distractions and your employees are having trouble focusing and thinking clearly? Encourage mindful meditation with the help of Buddhist art Tibetan thangka paintings and Kwan Yin gifts.

Our certified selection of Inuit Eskimo art sculptures draws in the metal element strengthening mental clarity and strength.

Check out our gallery to view our beautiful selection of inspirational wall art for businesses and find special deals on the perfect Feng Shui painting for prosperity today!