Give Inspirational Feng Shui Wall Art Gift This Mother’s Day

buy inspirational wall art painting as a Mother's Day gift

Every mother needs a gift that brings good luck.  With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to focus on telling the first woman you ever loved exactly how you appreciate and respect her. And there’s a perfect way to do it with the gift of Feng Shui art wall painting. Inspirational wall art paintings, photos Tibetan thangkas and sandart bring a touch of resilience in a swirling world of bills, promises, and responsibilities, letting the viewers immerse themselves in memories and to take a deep breath in pause.

For Mother’s Day, there can be no greater gift than sharing that sense of calmness, such as the uplifting painting Ever Watchful depicting pheasants standing guard in a sparse winter field. The browns highlight the ring necks, letting the colorful feathers dance gracefully from the canvas. The eyes comforting, yet wary, a true stillness in the vibrant movement of the birds… breathtaking.

But perhaps your mother seeks an escape of a different sort, one where the majesty of America’s great natural wonders come alive on her wall? Explosion Luck offers a wide range of scenic vistas, such as the glorious Bridal Veil Falls. These inspirational Feng Shui photo taken in Yosemite National park brings the wide expanse of some of the most visually stunning aspects of the natural world indoors to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Then again, it may not be the natural world your mother finds comforting, but instead one of a more spiritual nature. Explosion Luck also offers a specialized line of still life paintings chosen for their ability to inspire and transcend even the most banal of spaces. One such example, the Feng Shui painting Flowers, From an Album of Ten Leaves, brings the viewer into a state of serenity and oneness with their surrounding, and infuses them with a sense of vitality and awakening.

If your mother loves sand art, she would be thrilled to receive Feng Shui moving sand art picture Ballerina, or an inspirational sand art picture Aurora Borealis.

And if your mother loves horses, she would love the Feng Shui equestrian photo Run with the Wind.

One could say the walls have heart, and your wall art gift could well help bring that depth and richness for years to come.

Do yourself a favor, and take a few moments to browse the Explosion Luck Feng Shui wall art gifts.

You both will be glad you did.  And when you see the Feng Shui painting, moving sandscapes and sandart you might even get ideas on what to buy for Dad for Father's Day.