Top Five Feng Shui Paintings for Child Development

Feng Shui paintings for child development

Feng Shui paintings are all about creating good luck, inspiration and improving creativity and concentration.  Researchers and good parents have found that child development is all about stimulating the young mind and creativity at the right time. As children grow, they learn alphabet, language, and reading. They do this by looking at children’s books and by being read to. Stories stimulate the mind, helping to associate words and pictures with a tale that makes sense and delights the brain. But long before words, there are pictures. Like the ancients who painted on cave walls, children pass through stages of development that parallel the rise of early Man. Bold and dynamic images on the walls of your home will inspire your children to look up and imagine, way before they have the conscious urge to do so. Here are some examples of inspirational Feng Shui wall art paintings that will help your kid develop:

Feng Shui Portrait Paintings

The first thing that any being does is gain self awareness. A child first realizes that he or she is a person, a human being. They do this with mirrors, and by watching mommy and daddy; but they also do it by seeing pictures of people on the wall. Rich, detailed paintings of people and families up in a high place will draw young eyes and hold them transfixed as they come to know what a person can look like. So  decorate with Feng Shui portrait paintings, and help your child develop self awareness.

Feng Shui Bird Paintings

Birds are one of the first living beings that catch a child’s attention. Birds are in many stories that children are exposed to early in life. Birds are the first wild creatures that most children ever see, as they fly past the window or flit about the yard. Putting Feng Shui bird paintings up on the wall with all of their brilliant colors will increase the creativity of a child by stimulating their imagination. After all, birds fly!

Feng Shui Still Life Paintings

Children’s learning books are full of common objects. This is how little kids put together their earliest vocabulary. They point to simple things like apples, oranges, bananas; everyday household goodies that they ask mommy for! By putting Feng Shui still life paintings up on the wall, in all of their still life glory, you not only expose a child to art, but you essentially hang a learning book right there in plain view!

Feng Shui Horse Paintings

Following flight, running fast is probably the most amazing action for a small child. After they take their first steps, then they start to run! Who hasn’t seen a child who has discovered his legs running back and forth all day in the house? Feng Shui horse paintings capture that thunderous appeal of running that a child can identify with. This is physical development at its best, in addition to intellectual advancement.

Feng Shui Water Paintings

The first time a child sees the shore is a glorious things. There is nothing more fun than a little kid at the beach or a lake. When a child gains awareness and appreciation for water, they begin to understand concepts such as the environment. They also learn safety, and the boundaries of the physical world. So decorate with Feng Shui water paintings and help your child learn about limits while the learning itself will be limitless.