Feng Shui Wall Art for Lawyers Promotes Prosperity in Their Law Office

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Feng Shui paintings- when used correctly- can have tremendous life-enhancing benefits.  We all know how busy lawyers are. Their professional lives are full of stress and the pressure to succeed. It is very easy in the midst of all that pressure to lose sight of the principals of balance, yin and yang and the natural world that helps us stay grounded, healthy and at peace as human beings. Feng Shui promotes those values. Therefore, it makes a great deal of sense for lawyers to use Feng Shui art when decorating their law offices. By doing so they not only restore that balance in their professional lives they also promote an environment where they can be prosperous, vigorous, powerful and successful in their practice. It is a way to help a lawyer gain clients, come up with successful legal strategies, and stay highly motivated every day.

One of the most beautiful ways to promote Feng Shui in a law office and turn an ordinary work space in a true Feng Shui law office is through the use of inspirational uplifting artwork. Feng Shui art decor enhances the space in a law office. It provides an aura of success that impresses clients and adversaries. More than that, the type of artwork that is used to decorate an office can promote different types of energies and those energies will promote success. In this article we will look at a seven unique Feng Shui wall art decor collections for lawyers that will enhance their practice and prosperity, as well the appearance of their office.

Many people associate Feng Shui with Asian art and some people may be surprised to know that some inspirational western art has important Feng Shui energy. Artwork doesn’t get more western than cowboys and horses. To begin with, cowboy art usually contains all the important elements of earth, water, wood metal and fire. Western landscapes typically contain diverse colors that are characteristic of good Feng Shui. For women who are lawyers the masculine energy in cowboy paintings provides a supportive and stable masculine energy that nicely balances their flowing feminine nature. For men who are lawyers these paintings help their business reach the next level because the horse is associated with a speedy ascent to power, as well as prominence and ambition. Cowboy art is typically full of movement and enriches a law office with positive energy and a powerful team spirit. The tenacity, skill and speed of the cowboy also helps promote those attributes in the practice of law.

Horses are another powerful image for lawyers to tap into. They represent the hidden powers of persuasion. The ability to persuade is such an important part of the successful practice of law! Horses also represent the freedom, comfort and the prosperity that all lawyers are looking to achieve with their practice. They also create a pleasing and positive energy that puts people at ease. This leads to relaxed and open clients who are more receptive to legal advice and more likely to engage in repeat business. Horses also help reduce the stress clients feel as they discuss their legal issues. Feng Shui paintings of horses in a law office bring that good luck to the practice!

The Buddha represents a very powerful source of positive chi energy. A Feng Shui painting of the Buddha brings luck and prosperity. Tibetan Thangkas are a particularly beautiful way to bring the energy of the Buddha to a law office. They are elegant and artistic wall hangings that depict the Buddha and other Buddhist deities. Their vibrant colors also fit in with the Feng Shui plan you design for a law office. Any lawyer’s office would be enhanced and given a charge of positive energy with these hung on the wall.

In Feng Shui water is an important symbol of purification and abundance. Water brings life and represents a birth of new opportunities in a lawyer’s practice. Feng Shui water paintings help to wash away the old and bring in the new; something particularly important when lawyers transition from case to case. The constant movement in water, such as waterfalls and oceans, promotes change, progression and healing. It also draws in new clients and partners to a law firm.

Feng Shui sandart is used to create some truly unique and stunning pieces. The patterns and the colors are dazzling and make great conversation pieces. In Feng Shui, sandart blends both water and earth energy. They combine the flow and movement of water with the stability and grounding of the earth. The grounding is particularly useful for lawyers because the flow of the sand represents the flow of time and helps busy people slow down and live in the moment. The way the individual grains of sand come together also creates excellent energy for creating prosperous ventures. Ventures like a law practice!

Paintings of mountains tap into some very important Feng Shui energy. Mountains are symbols of the earth element. Earth represents stability, something every lawyer desires in their practice. When a person scales a mountain they achieve a specific goal. In Feng Shui art mountains are symbols of support in reaching your goals, ascending the heights, and succeeding. When a Feng Shui painting of mountains is hung on the wall in a law office it brings all that energy and success to the practice of law. They also help to create positive energy that will move lawyers forward when they are stuck on a case or in their career. Mountains create a focal point for wealth, vitality, wisdom and success.

Feng Shui landscape paintings that depict a wide variety of landscapes are a great way to connect with positive energy. Landscapes can enhance different types of energy depending on the landscape depicted. The different shapes, colors, elements and weather in painting will tap into different kinds of energy. That gives you a great excuse to invest in a variety of beautiful landscape paintings! Landscape paintings promote “Qi” and bring harmony, positive energy and growth. They also promote freedom and openness; which makes them a great addition to law offices where lawyers need to work on projects and be creative and productive.