Feng Shui Paintings and Buddha Thangkas Heal a Broken Heart

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Tibetan thangkas and feng shui paintings are great good luck gifts for any occasion.  If you’ve recently been divorced or broken up with someone you love, what you’re feeling right now can be one of the most challenging experiences a person can go through. Life itself may feel empty, as if it will never be joyful again. But every storm has its end, and as you commence the path to starting over, you will do well to use the beauty and healing power of Feng Shui paintings.


Begin by browsing through Feng Shui Buddha paintings and Buddha Thangka wall hangings, which carry a potent force of their own. For thousands of years these two art forms have aided the multitudes in their quest for inner peace, healing, confidence and enlightenment, helping them to overcome any type of adversity. The same can happen for you.

Feng Shui water art paintings are some of the best pieces you may want to consider adding to your home. Water is a symbol of purification, stillness and tranquility. Physically it cleanses inside and out, heals wounds, and the power of its imagery can do the same for your spirit. This is your time and opportunity for rebirth and surrounding yourself with powerful reminders of the new you is a great way to keep the positive energy flowing like a river. Click here to view some magnificent Feng Shui water art paintings, photos and prints.

Feng Shui moving sand art serves as a complement to the water art portraits, helping you to balance your interior décor as well as your stress levels. When you’ve moved out of a relationship you may feel lost, even in a state of limbo. Sand art will help you get centered again and establish a firm footing from which to begin walking the road to your new life. For a look at some great sand artwork click here.

A time will come when you will be ready to span your wings and take flight to find love again. You’ll be better than you were before and will continue to evolve into something greater with each passing day. As you grow, be mindful about the kind of wall art décor you surround yourself with. Remember that Feng Shui is about the flow of energy. Learn to harness that life force to attract more love, joy, and abundance into your life.

When it comes to manifesting a new relationship, how about adding some wonderful Feng Shui bird art pieces to your surroundings? Birds symbolize numerous positive energies like freedom, new possibilities, good fortune, and romance.  Whether it’s finding a new lovebird or strengthening other important relationships in your life, bird paintings serve as great instruments of Feng Shui in helping you create the kind of peace and happiness you desire.

Another powerful Feng Shui energy is found in inspirational horse paintings. Few images can stimulate in the same way, inspiring such splendid qualities like passion, confidence, grace and beauty.

And also, take a look at various other Feng Shui paintings and artwork to see what they can do for you!