How Guanyin Thangka Tapestries Can Help to Boost Your Fertility

feng shui paintings and buddhist thangkas for fertility

Tibetan thangkas play an important role in boosting one's health and fertility.  Irrespective of their personal belief in the power of Feng Shui art and throughout history people from a wide variety of different cultures have believed that spending time looking at certain images can enhance your fertility and greatly increase your chances of getting pregnant. It can be very frustrating and incredibly disappointing when conceiving takes much longer than you anticipated.

Feng Shui tapestries and Buddhist art thangkas can help to ease the depression and anxiety that can often be experienced by women when getting pregnant seems ever more elusive. The power of expectation in producing a desired outcome has been proven in scientific studies, and it can be very comforting to know that you are putting faith in an age-old belief that has seen miraculous results over many years.

It is thought that you can bring children into your life by including artwork that features children in almost any room in your house. Guanyin Holding a Baby is a stunning Feng Shui tapestry that depicts the Chinese Goddess of Mercy. This Feng Shui portrait of the Chinese Madonna and Child will improve your finances, protect your home and business from harm and, more importantly, increase your chances of a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby.


The merciful Guanyin is also featured in our gorgeous tapestry; Guanyin Standing by the Water. This embroidered thangka tapestry depicts the Chinese Goddess of Mercy; also known in Tibetan Buddhism as Avalokiteshvara. Guanyin is a symbol of purity and she embodies the motherly virtues of compassion; making her the perfect choice of wall decoration for any woman who wishes to conceive. Translated from Chinese, Guanyin literally means ‘he who will listen to the sounds’, and she is worshipped for her ability to produce male offspring and to protect from harm.

Use our beautiful Feng Shui tapestries to decorate your home, empowering and inspiring you whilst attracting luck, children and fertility into your life.