Feng Shui Paintings for Realtors and Financial Services Executives

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Feng Shui paintings for prosperity and Tibetan thangkas play an important role in boosting the company's bottom line.  Like most professional offices, a real estate office, as well as an insurance, mortgage and financial services office can become a stressful environment for principals, staff members and visiting clients. It is not unusual for this stress to carry forward into the family lives of office personnel who may have difficulty separating what they do from who they are.

Knowing how stress can impact the physical and mental welfare of every individual, it makes very good sense both personally and professionally to look to Feng Shui art for help with promoting improved health and peace of mind. A simple and beautiful way to accomplish this is with Feng Shui paintings:


Harmonious Work Environment – Harmony is the foundation in Feng Shui art and therefore certain Feng Shui paintings, Buddha statues and Buddha thangkas can be used to benefit the office environment to promote harmony among staff and clients.

Positive Inspiration – Feng Shui art work of mountainous areas can be inspirational to the viewer as it indicates reaching higher levels in life and achieving goals. Assisting staff, principals and high net worth clients to obtain their individual goals will have a positive impact on the practice.

Positive Distraction – Many professionals agree that utilizing a positive distraction can help calm a stressful dialogue between a client and the professional. Using Feng Shui wall art as a positive distraction that piques the interest of a client during a stressful conversation allows the professional to gracefully pivot to a more calming subject. Displaying Feng Shui moving sand art is an attractive way to create this distraction.

Stress Reduction – Stress is prevalent in any financial services environment. Helping high net worth clients achieve their financial goals is imperative and failure is not an option. As stress builds in individuals it can begin to permeate through the office and effect office staff as well as clients. Introducing a Feng Shui water painting or a Buddhist thangka tapestry can greatly reduce this stress and promote healing.

Positive Impression of Success – It is no secret that financial service offices and law firms spend a tremendous amount of capital decorating their office space to indicate how successful their practices are. It makes very good sense to spend this capital on Feng Shui art in order to realize the benefits for your staff and clients. Feng Shui landscape art can be utilized for many different positive effects throughout the offices and actually bring a high return on investment.

Promote Energy – Energy and success are the perfect package. One thrives on the other and one will wilt without the other. Here, a Feng Shui painting of the Buddha can translate into positive energy and success. The effect of the artwork can have a remarkable positive impact on staff members and principals. Clients thrive on positive energy and its positive effects.

Remove Negative Distractions – No doubt there is artwork than can impact the viewer negatively and add to an already negative business environment. Removing any such artwork from the office should be a top priority. Even though a principal collects black and white prints of Civil War cemeteries, this is no reason to display them in his or her office or anywhere else in the office environment. All Feng Shui wall art aims at promoting harmony, energy, opportunity and wellness and as such, can make fantastic conversation pieces for visiting clients and principals.

Every busy realtor, insurance, mortgage and financial services executive will agree that a practice of any size can have a stressful and negative effect on the professional and personal lives of every member of their team. Continuous stress can easily lead to physical, mental and spiritual difficulties and in some cases, even death. Most professionals and their staff spend 50 to 60 hours of every week at work and many work straight through the weekend.

Mitigating the stress factor with inspirational Feng Shui wall art in the workplace can make a tremendous difference in everyone’s well being. By strategically adding Feng Shui paintings and Buddha thangkas to the stressful environment, the positive impact can be realized very quickly and the benefits can make a lasting impression on everyone exposed.