Buddha Thangka Art, Feng Shui Paintings Empower Yoga Studios

buy Buddha thangka, Feng Shui art for yoga studios

Tibetan thangkas play an important role in creating a Feng Shui wall art decor for a yoga studio.  Having a true Feng Shui office with real Feng Shui art decor is every yoga studio owner's dream. Can you remember the last time you were in the office of someone very successful? Someone you looked up to? Someone who ALREADY WAS where you want to be?

How about the feeling you get when you walk into your yoga session….that feeling of calm empowerment? The sense that you can accomplish anything in the time you’re in that room.

There’s a reason for that!

All of these places we visit that give us a sense of power, or show us that someone else has power or authority, have one thing in common. When we walk into that room, what we see is the first thing we notice. Our surroundings and the people in them empower us to accomplish our goals. And even to set higher goals. It’s amazing what we can accomplish with the right mindset, and that mindset begins with our surroundings.

Let’s envision that yoga studio, for example. Our favorite things about yoga studios are the peace we feel when we walk into an uncluttered room full of only the tools we need to do our yoga practice. The things around us promote peace and wellness, and are carefully chosen. One way to ensure that your yoga space is as calm and productive as possible, is to make sure you have some well-placed Tibetan thangkas and Feng Shui art. Art that is meaningful to the lifestyle of your patrons! Your customers will want to feel like their lifestyle is supported in your space, and feel that not only their bodies will be treated with respect, but also their souls. A thoughtful way to do this is to include some Buddhist Thangkas on your walls. The valuable real estate of the floors and flat surfaces will be for yoga blocks and abalone shells, but the walls are yours to create an amazing Zen atmosphere so that even a beginner feels safe and right at home.

For prenatal and Mommy and Me sessions, parents will feel right at home practicing in the same space as a Guanyin Holding a Baby thangka. If you’re teaching future yoga instructors, Shakyamuni Buddha with Two Disciples is an appropriate choice.

Tibetan Thangkas promote health and wellness of body, mind, and spirit. And they speak a universal language of love and acceptance, and ward off evil and cleanse the space. They’re an inspirational healing art that everyone will appreciate!

They’re amazing for a Feng Shui office decor as well. The most successful business people have offices that are beautiful, clutter-free, and conducive to exceptional workflow. One way they accomplish this is to include Buddha thangkas in their decorating. While desks space is needed for working, and tidiness is required for maximum efficiency in the workplace, the beauty of a piece of inspirational art is always appropriate. The Tibetan and Himalayan thangkas quietly work in the background to clear the space of negative energy, and when you break from your work, you can look up and be inspired, motivated, or find a well of inner peace.

As a conversation piece, you can enjoy drawing power from, and explaining to curious clients the meaning behind Shakyamuni Buddha from the Set of Nine Compositions.

Thoughtful and beautiful art pieces like these Tibetan art thangkas also make your clients feel more relaxed, and they’ll leave your space feeling more confident about the transactions that take place there. And you’ll feel more confident as well!