Feng Shui Art for Psychologist’s Office for Patients’ Sake

 feng shui paintings for psychologists's office

We've blogged about the healing properties of Feng Shui paintings for doctor's office walls.  If you’re a psychologist, a psychotherapist, or a healer you know how important your office is to your work. It is the space where all you have studied and experienced as a therapist comes together to help a patient in need of your expertise. You could even say it’s a sacred place where people come to reveal their deepest emotions, looking for answers, for hope, and to heal from the things that trouble them. The exchanges shared in your office contribute to positive results in your patients’ lives, but have you given thought to the actual appearance of your office and how the energy resonating there affects them?

Those framed copies of your degrees and certifications and that picture from your last fishing trip are great reminders of your accomplishments, but are they really doing anything for your patients’ well-being? Probably not. While keeping your office looking, well, like an office won’t harm anyone, the opportunity to enhance their sessions with you may be slipping away. However, if you want to make some changes to your décor that can have a real impact on all your visitors, consider embellishing your walls with Feng Shui art.

Feng Shui paintings are made with the sole intention of producing positive feelings for the person viewing it. The art itself is rooted in an ancient Chinese philosophy that focuses on the flow of life force (energy). Therefore, each painting demonstrates a particular aspect of this benign force such as confidence, love, trust, hope, and more. Take landscape paintings for example, which are a terrific choice for presenting an atmosphere of openness and serenity. Since landscape settings typically portray nature in some way, they also help promote a sense of harmony. These are all great qualities for your patients who are most likely seeking the same for themselves.

Moving sand art pictures may also suit your office well. These particular visuals bring about a relaxing vibe, helping the patient to enter a state of calmness. The elements and movements in these works are designed to engender a feeling of stability and a “slowing things down” so that the beholder can reset and focus. Bird art paintings can accentuate the room by livening things up a bit with color and the beauty of flight. Birds represent prosperity, breaking free, vibrancy, and that good things are on their way.

If you want to create a more traditionally meditative perspective consider situating your office with Buddha paintings and Tibetan Thangkas. The Buddha depicts a powerful figure for your patients to gaze upon; representing the idea that inner peace and transformation is attainable and accessible to everyone. For thousands of years Buddha art and Tibetan Thangkas have aided countless individuals along their journey toward renewal and enlightenment, helping them to achieve the ability to look any challenge in the eye and not blink.

The same can be done for your patients with Explosion Luck's relaxing images for psychologist's office. Start enjoying the therapeutic benefits of Feng Shui art today!