Boost Positive Energy of Your Yoga Studio with Feng Shui Art

Feng Shui paintings and Buddha thangkas for yoga at

Tibetan thangkas, Feng Shui paintings and Feng Shui art infuse your living and working space with the positive Chi energy. Yoga is all about being at peace with yourself, removing the negative energy from your life and letting go of the day’s stresses. It’s about aligning your body with your mind and leaving all worries behind. It’s not only a physically enriching experience, but also a psychological one. And it has a lot to do with your immediate surroundings and whatever you have around you and inside of you. That’s why you should make sure that your yoga studio is filled with positive imagery and tranquility.

That’s why many yoga instructors and practitioners enjoy decorating their yoga studios with positive energy artwork, such as Buddha paintings and thangkas as a way of inducing a positive mindset and clear-headedness. Experts aren’t just pulling your leg, having good Feng Shui truly does enable you to live an inspired, complete and balanced life.

Feng Shui paintings and Buddhist thangkas bring to your space the inherent aura of peace. Having such a sacred and thoughtful figure looking over the studio will bring your students, or yourself, to exactly the place yoga is meant to take you: into and out of your mind.

Imagine a yoga studio with plain, sterilized white walls. Or, rather, imagine it filled with clashing images, posters and decorations which stimulate and distract the mind rather than put it at a place of wonder and tranquility. This image just doesn’t match the mood, does it?

Yoga is an Eastern tradition which has its roots in Eastern spirituality and philosophy. To do it justice, a good yoga studio should be decorated with objects and images which project the Oriental culture and Feng Shui colors. It’s a holistic practice which requires the focus of mind, body and spirit, and therefore the environment it is practiced in should inspire just that.

Buddhist thangkas and Feng Shui paintings are designed with peace in mind. Their images do not bother the eye, but rather lead the mind to retreat into itself while viewing positive energy Feng Shui artwork. Feng Shui art does not create specific thoughts, but rather brings an overall feeling to a situation. Without provoking words and inner chatter, this choice of decoration lends itself to the spirit and aim of yoga itself.

One’s success often begins in the mind. Without a cool, tranquil and focused mind, one gets lost in the struggles of day-to-day or the stresses involved with achieving one’s dream. However, if the mind is focused and calm, the end goal is always in sight and a person will always be heading towards it. That does not mean they will not experience pain, stress and setbacks, but it means they will not let these obstacles overtake them.

It is a careful and planned practice to be able to reach this point, and one method is through yoga. To bring positive changes yoga must be mindful and practiced in a tranquil environment. Explosion luck’s Feng Shui paintings and Buddha thangkas can be your ultimate source for decorating your space this way.

In your life, do you struggle with worrying about the mundane tasks and concerns? Do you constantly find yourself thinking about paying the next bill, what you’re going to eat later, how you’re going to find the time to take care of all the many projects you have on your plate? These are all common concerns, but they’re the kind of concerns which lead you to abandoning your great hopes and dreams.

Perhaps you are a yoga instructor, and you see that your students come into class with worried faces and tense expressions. You can tell they aren’t present in the given situation, and they’re only going through the motions. The tasks of day to day can take their toll on us all.

The key to avoiding this issue is clearing your mind. There’s no better way to do it than to practice yoga in a setting which emits peace from all its corners. The positive energy that emerges from the right surroundings makes a profound difference on your state of mind.

So picture it now. The perfect, beautifully lit yoga studio, complete with Buddhist art thangkas and Feng Shui artwork, leading you or your students into an immediate peaceful frame of mind- as soon as they walk in the door. All of the concerns of the day are lost in the perfect unity of the room, and everyone can practice yoga with their whole being.

With so much positive energy and such clear minds, the path to success, prosperity and the manifestation of dreams is closer than you could have previously imagined. Suddenly, you will stop being concerned with the logistics of how to get there, as the path to success becomes clearer and clearer to you.

Whether it’s a career shift, a promotion, a couple of extra figures in your bank account or a new sense of joy you’re looking for, a holistic practice in a holistic environment is the way to get it. These elements combine to make you your absolute best self with your absolute best sense of what direction to go in next. In fact, in this kind of environment, you won’t even remember to worry about the things you don’t yet have. You may feel you are in the midst of abundance already, and that sense of abundance will only bring you more positive changes.

Fill your space with Feng Shui paintings and Buddhist thangkas today to help get yourself one step closer to that ideal state of mind. The figures and images themselves won’t get you there, but they will provide you with the perfect environment to put you in the right frame of mind to get there. Yoga begs for a tranquil environment, and there’s no better way to get it indoors than with the inspirational Feng Shui art from Explosion Luck.