Tibetan Buddha Thangkas As Feng Shui Art for Baby Boomers' and Snowbirds’ Second Homes and RVs



Feng Shui wall art and Tibetan thangkas are very important for baby boomers and snowbirds.

And we are talking not only about the Feng Shui wall art to enhance the positive energy of the primary residence. It is equally important for the Feng Shui of your second home, vacation home, your yacht and RV.

It may be warmer weather now, but those bright sunny days are going to be gone before we know it. Leaves will start to fall and will eventually be covered by the first snow. It's during this time that those in colder weather states are getting ready to migrate to warmer climates. These people, otherwise known as snowbirds, aren't about to stick around for the negative temperatures and inevitable blizzards and winter storms. Snowbirds fleeing the October-April months usually end up at a vacation home or second residence in states like Florida, California, or Arizona. But time away from their family and friends can be stressful.

This is why it's important for snowbirds to have a meditation room, a home altar, or a zen room, that's properly decorated with appropriate images to help them reach their optimum level of zen. Buddha Thangka tapestries make an excellent addition to any room, but they're especially important for those who need a little extra boost of positive energy when far away from home. If you're a snowbird, and you haven't set up a meditation room yet, consider doing so. The benefits of having a meditation room decorated in Buddha Thangka tapestries will help ease the separation anxiety you feel when you're far from loved ones.

Take, for example, our Eight Medicine Buddhas Tibetan thangka tapestry. Not only will these eight buddhas provide positive energy and healing, but they will ease any tension and suffering you feel from the stresses in your life. Watch your worries, aches and pains fade away when you hang this beautiful tapestry in your meditation room. The Eight Medicine Buddhas will watch over you while you find inner peace during meditation and periods of solitude. To enhance the effects of the tapestry, you can pair it with one of our Medicine Buddha pendants. It's lively colors and healing properties will help keep you in prime health as you go about your day.

To truly be at one with yourself and your surroundings, our Maitreya Buddha (also known as Future Buddha) tapestry will guide you through your meditation. Maitreya's love and compassion will warm your soul and still your troubled mind as he gazes benevolently down upon you. Known for being a teacher of meditation, Maitreya also bestows wisdom and understanding on those who hang this tapestry in their home, office or meditation room. Pair this elaborate tapestry with one of our Laughing Buddha pendants for an added touch of luck and fortune that will combine with the wisdom of Future Buddha, giving you success and happiness in your endeavors.

Our selection of Buddha thangka tapestries includes many more varieties of Buddhist figures such as Guanyin, goddess of mercy and compassion, and the deity Vajrasattva for purification and cleansing of the mind, body and soul. Accompanying Feng Shui jewelry and Tibetan Buddhist pendant necklaces can be found in our online store and are often used to enhance the effects of other Buddhist elements. Your meditation room won't be complete without Feng Shui art, so browse our selection and find your perfect Buddhist painting or tapestry today.

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