Boost Your Restaurant's Business with Feng Shui Paintings

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Feng Shui art is important for decorating any business, and Feng Shui paintings are critical for boosting your restaurant's bottom line. Restaurants are where family and friends go to be together and to “break bread,” so to speak; a figure of speech which implies a deeper bonding that goes beyond the simple act of sharing food. When people sit and dine together, whether it be in a fine Italian bistro, or a fast-food burger joint, something magical happens. They laugh, they talk, they relax to a point that a spell takes over and a feeling of unification occurs. Difficult to explain, but easy to feel; this happening occurs day-in and day-out across the world.  

People love to eat out because it is social, not just because it is convenient. Ask a person if the dread of cooking is the main reason that they eat at a restaurant, and they will most likely tell you no. They will more likely tell you it is because they come away with memories of the ambience and the atmosphere of the place they ate in. So how does a restaurant’s Feng Shui decor inspire this feeling that so many people are craving? It all begins with Feng Shui paintings.

Here are some examples of inspirational Feng Shui wall art decor:

Feng Shui Mountain Paintings

Something about mountains draws the mind upward. Mountains are masses of earth that we give credit to for their own creation. It’s as if we imagine that mountains made themselves, and did so magnificently. This implies luck, because the subconscious thinks of two things: Big, and Upward. So, mountains cause feelings of success in restaurants where people are eating; and when they feel successful because they are rewarding themselves by eating in your restaurant, then they will associate your restaurant with their success and eat at your restaurant more often.

Feng Shui Water Paintings

Feng Shu water paintings and photos convey peace. People like to eat in peaceful settings, because it aids digestion. People do not like to be tense or nervous, when they are trying to relax. It is not enjoyable, and it is also unhealthy. Extra acid in the stomach can make people ill. If your restaurant is serene and tranquil, then people will come more often, stay longer, and order more. The more they enjoy themselves, the more they will tell their friends about your place.

Cowboy Art

Cowboy paintings display freedom. They also lean toward a person’s wild side. If you are running a barbecue restaurant, a sports bar, or a grill; then the cowboy will make people feel bold and want to order more food and drinks. It is an identity, the rider who tamed the wild west. People want to increase their activity and stay out later when they are feeling a little wild.

Feng Shui Wildlife Paintings

Speaking of wild, people who eat out may do so because they are big meat eaters. Strange as it sounds, people divide themselves today between carnivores and herbivores. People who like to go out to big steakhouse restaurants make no bones about the fact that they eat animals. Paintings of wildlife will celebrate the “hunter” in your restaurant’s patrons.

Feng Shui Still Life Paintings

Feng Shui still life paintings are simply classic and elegant portrayals of civilized domestic life. They send the message that your restaurant is a fine dining establishment that cares about the finer details of a delightful dining experience. This gives confidence to those who count the silver and favor the filled fruit bowls.