How Feng Shui Art Can Help Lawyers Achieve Health, Prosperity, Work-Life Balance

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Feng Shui paintings for office along with good luck gifts for attorneys can help lawyers de-stress- and create a positive energy in their private and professional lives. This positive energy can then be used to achieve success in all aspects of their lives (including career advancement and personal wealth) without having to sacrifice their health or work-life balance.

Feng Shui art’s ability to relieve stress and promote positive healing is especially important for the legal profession. The stories of lawyers (many of them only in their 40s) dying from strokes and heart attacks are so common as to be almost cliché.

Harrison Barnes (who runs a highly successful career blog and is also a lawyer) recounted how a young “rock star” lawyer that he knew at his firm would work up to 15 hours a day and billed between 3,500 to 4,000 hours a year in order to impress his company’s partners. He ended up dying of a heart attack at the age of 41.

The legal profession can be a high-stress calling for those who decide to pursue it and who have a Type A personality. In such a work environment, finding ways to reduce stress and do physical exercise can be incredibly difficult. It’s quite common for many lawyers to experience significant weight gain, as well as having to take medications in order to cope with stress and anxiety-related ailments and diseases.

Well, here’s an idea for those lawyers who have to endure these types of work conditions. Why not embrace the wisdom of the East by outfitting both your workspace and personal living space with the healing powers of Feng Shui art?

Explosion Luck has an amazing collection of Grasshopper statues, Feng Shui art, paintings, Buddha thangkas, moving sand pictures, amethyst crystal clusters and unique gifts, all of which are outstanding mediums for meditation, increasing mindfulness, and maintaining internal peace.

Our Feng Shui thangkas, pendants, paintings and unique gifts for him and her can also help reduce stress and anxiety, promote healing energy, and help create a positive work environment that will protect you from so many of the ailments and diseases that are known to plague the profession.

No matter what your salary is, there’s no amount of money that’s worth your physical health, let alone your life. Finding ways to cope with stress and creating a positive work environment (which can be perceived as a form of preventative medicine) should be a number one priority for lawyers, and Feng Shui art is one of the best ways to bring harmony, peace of mind, and positive energy into your life.

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