Five Unique Gift Ideas Every Entrepreneur Will Love

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We’ve blogged about grasshopper statues and Feng Shui horse paintings as unique gift ideas for mindful entrepreneurs who need Feng Shui gifts for prosperity, stress management and unique stress relief gifts.

Everyone wants to know where to buy unique and inventive gifts for entrepreneurs, and where to buy uncommon gifts for free-spirited men and women like you, especially if you belong to Type A personality. We believe that you need a true good luck gift

It’s a simple thing. You’re different.

Not better or worse, just different.

You make decisions differently, you run your life differently, and you definitely are wired differently.

You quit the corporate world to create your own world. You never liked the vision of others so you created your own vision – of a company, a family, and a life.

Did it take some intestinal fortitude? Absolutely. Would you give it up? Absolutely not.

But we know that it gets lonely at the top of the mountain. As Shakespeare said in Henry IV, “uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.” As an entrepreneur, you carry so much responsibility – for you, your family, and the family of all those who work for you. Who do you complain to? Somebody that works in a job? Your therapist? Your spouse?

None of these are answers, and we both know that the real salvation lies in your own mind. Finding that place that gets you back on track and lets you recharge the batteries, no matter how busy you are – that’s why we built Explosion Luck – to provide unique good luck gifts to help those that need to lose the stress and live an inspired life.

Here are five unique gifts ideas to bring luck to entrepreneurs to consider as you think about lowering the stress in your life and improving your good fortune with Feng Shui gifts, Fung Shway jewelry, Feng Shui office paintings and statues…

Take a look at some of our most popular and inventive gifts – like this Feng Shui Pendant. When you cannot escape all your responsibilities, simply having this close will give you the chance to make sure that you aren’t stuck “in” the stress, you are rising above it.

Another popular choice for entrepreneurs has been our Feng Shui painting Amalfi Coast S.L.L. As you look at this beautiful representation of the historic coastline, those stressors melt away and next thing you know, you are recharged and ready to go!

When you are closing the deal in the office and negotiation is getting intense, consider keeping your keepsakes, lucky charms and Feng Shui jewelry in our Enamel Jewelry Boxes in Five Colors. Whether it is to keep that special amulet or even just some jellybeans, this is the thing to help you refocus and keep your edge.

For all you men and women out there who are betting on the stock market – and that is definitely a place that will drive those stress levels through the roof, think about being able to cast your gaze to the wall of your office and see The Bulls Cometh from our Western Art collection? Bear or Bull, you know you’ll be a winner, but isn’t it nice to have that reminder? Put down the ticker and see that the bulls are going to be there for you. Now laugh all the way to the bank.

Speaking of Bears, take a gander at our traditional Inuit art and specifically, our Feng Shui Inuit Art Sculpture Dancing Bear. No matter the breaking points, one look at this fellow on your desk will lower your blood pressure and keep you focused on the task at hand.

Any one of our unique gifts for men and women can take that weight off of you and give you the moments’ pause to refocus. Once you have that, you’ll be able to drive through for the win. After all, you weren’t made to report to a boss, you are bigger than that – the way you relax and refocus is different, too.