Give Unique Romantic Feng Shui Gift This Valentine’s Day!

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As Valentine's Day is just around the corner, you are looking for unique Valentines gift ideas, good luck gift ideas and are wondering: Where can I buy a unique romantic Valentine's Day gift for my loved one?  Valentine’s Day is the best time to show your loved ones how special and important they are.

Giving them a beautiful Feng Shui gift for wealth, prosperity and abundance, such as Feng Shui jewelry, Fengshui painting, or unique gifts for stress relief is the perfect way to enrich their life and say “I love you.”

Explosion Luck has the most unique handcrafted gifts for her or him that convey your feelings and make your loved ones feel special and appreciated. Our Feng Shui gifts help anyone achieve good luck, success, wealth, prosperity, and positive energy through one-of-a-kind Feng Shui paintings, jewelry, art, Tibetan thangkas, and collectible treasures. Explore our wide variety of beautiful jewelry, Feng shui artwork and gifts to find a special Valentine's Day present for that special someone in your life.

Valentines Gift Idea # 1- Good Luck Feng Shui Jewelry. Our large selection of Feng Shui necklaces and good luck charms are designed for both men and women. These stunning miniature works of art are handmade from only high quality materials. Tibetan Buddhist jewelry and Chinese jade Feng Shui pendants are a perfect and beautiful way to empower your loved one, helping them feel a surge of positive effects across all aspects of their life including career, love life, family, and even finances.

Valentines Gift Idea # 2- Feng Shui Jewelry Boxes- Now that you've chosen the perfect Feng Shui pendant or lucky necklace gift for your loved one, select a Feng Shui jewelry box or treasure box to compliment the necklace. These unique jewelry boxes will be treasured for years to come.

Valentines Gift Idea # 3- Tibetan Thangkas– Tibetan Thangkas and Buddha statues serve as contemplative meditation artwork that heals spiritual ailments and removes bad spirits. Buddha Thangkas watch over your loved one and protects them from the negative energy and stress that both hectic professional and personal lives bring. When they are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, a Tibetan Thanka allows them to tap into their spiritual self through healing and meditation. Tibetan Thangkas provide the right amount of positivity for anyone to realize how great life truly can be!

Valentines Gift Idea # 4- Grasshopper Statues– Grasshopper figurines capture the beauty of the remarkable and symbolic grasshopper. These Feng Shui figurines represent prosperity and positivity, making them excellent and joyful gifts. By placing one of these unique grasshopper figures on a desk ensures good luck in studies or career. Placing it by the bed makes for a more harmonious love life and placing it in the living room makes everyone in the home more happy and cheerful.

Valentines Gift Idea # 5- Feng Shui Bird Paintings– Using Feng Shui bird paintings in a room’s decor stimulates profound energies. Feng Shui paintings of birds not only assist with romance but also help bring prosperity and good fortune and abundance.

Feng Shui is a way of life that has been practiced for over 5,000 years, and it is growing in popularity around the world. Consider giving unique Feng Shui gift this Valentine's Day to help your loved one experience how Feng Shui inspired art can improve his or her life.