Why Good Luck Feng Shui Gifts Are Important for Business and Professional Success

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 Good luck gifts, inspired by the Five Feng Shui Elements and Feng Shui art, are important for every person who believes in the power of good luck.

Whether you run your own business, work for a large company or are starting out in a completely new direction as an entrepreneur or freelancer, it is intriguing to know how much luck can play into your professional success. Some people refuse to acknowledge the possibility that luck is an important factor in business. Others swear by luck, like the famous television host Larry King, who once said on CNN “Those who have succeeded at anything and don't mention luck are kidding themselves”.

Of course, if you are to be successful, it is extremely important to make educated decisions, to seek help and advice where you need it, to follow your intuition and to take risks without sacrificing everything. If you enter a field in which you have no background or training, without the support of others around you, your chances at progressing are limited. If you are sufficiently prepared, well-educated and open to input from others who have succeeded before you, you are well-positioned to advance in your career. This is just common sense.

Yet many studies suggest that no matter how much you prepare or protect yourself in the world of business, luck will always play a certain role. Choosing to take a risk with a tiny start-up in the 1970s, Mike Markkula could not have possibly known what the company, Apple, would become. Can we credit his decision to fund this particular tech start-up over the many others available to good luck? Mark Zuckerberg took a huge risk with his future when he dropped out of Harvard to work on Facebook. Was he simply lucky that his venture was a success and not a huge flop? Publishers turn down thousands of proposals a year. Can we say the twelve publishers who rejected J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter manuscripts experienced bad luck? How about the manager who turned down The Beatles?

Some would call those publishers and managers “unlucky”. Others would say the tech giants were more skilled at spotting immense potential than the publishers and managers. But the truth remains that it is impossible to predict the future, no matter how well-informed we are. It is not only a great benefit, but a great comfort, to have good luck on our side.

If we cultivate an environment in our workplaces and homes that follows the principles of Chinese Feng Shui and, thus, favors good luck, fortune and inner peace, we immediately give ourselves a significant advantage. A dedication to positive Feng Shui office and home environments, surrounding ourselves with authentic Feng Shui gifts, good luck grasshoppers, lucky Buddha statues, Tibetan thangkas, Feng Shui jewelry and Feng Shui paintings for prosperity can have a powerful impact on our lives.

Even if you are skeptical about the powers of good luck, believing in luck increases your confidence, optimism and motivation, three invaluable qualities in entrepreneurship.
A career in business, no matter which area you work in, requires cleverness, acumen and the courage to take risks.

In addition, believing in luck and carrying travel amulets, talismans and good luck charms with you keeps you safe when you travel.

At Explosion Luck we cannot predict the future, nor can we quantify chance. But we believe that with Explosion Luck's Feng Shui artwork, good luck gifts and good luck charms for safe travel on your side, you can progress in ways you never thought possible, with a level of confidence you would not have otherwise.