Unique Gifts for Bookworms, Unique Non-Book Gifts Ideas


Buying a unique gift for a bookworm can be a tricky business. While the first thought is always to buy them a book, most avid readers tend to be rather picky when selecting their next book to read, and usually prefer to choose their own reading material. Gift books they receive therefore often gather dust on musty bookshelves, or end up in thrift stores (if the bookworm is sure you won't discover that your book was given away).

It is therefore usually safest to give a bookworm a non-book item that fits with the general theme of reading. Explosion Luck has many superb non-literary gifts that fit this requirement very well. One of the foremost of these is a good luck grasshopper art piece, which is completely handmade. Take a look at the charming grasshopper called "The Bard," after the most famous writer of all time--William Shakespeare. Standing a few inches tall, this grasshopper has delicate wings of light blue, dark blue and lavender, and rests on a slice of wood from a California date palm. Also take a look at Feng Shui gold cricket and Feng Shui silver cricket art statues that will bring good luck to book lovers while reminding them of Charles Dickens’ novella “The Cricket on the Hearth”.

Another compelling gift for a book lover is a Feng Shui painting entitled "Palm Trees, Pinagbuyutan Island, Palawan, Philippines." It shows a beautiful ocean/beach scene, complete with twisted palm trees. At first blush this might seem a strange gift for a bookworm, since it suggests something other than reading--spending a lazy day of swimming at the beach. However, as all avid readers know, the setting where one reads can be as distinctive and attractive as a good book itself. A bookworm looking at this scene will instantly think how wonderful it would be to lie lazily on that beach, reading a favorite book without a care in the world.

The next unique gift which will fascinate most bookworms is a sand art piece entitled "Moving Sand Art Picture Captain Haddock." It consists of a round, brass, foot-wide frame that looks like a porthole in a ship. Inside the glass of this porthole is captured sand of various shades of brown, grey and white. If the frame is inverted, the sand will flow down from top to bottom within the glass, creating an ever changing scene of mountains and valleys. Readers will appreciate this piece not only because of the reference to Captain Haddock--the crusty sea captain from the "Tintin" series--but also because of the suggestion it gives of constant movement and change of scenery. A well written book is also ever-changing, creating new images that provoke both pleasure and contentment in the reader.

Another unique gift which will be appreciated by the bookworm is an antique Tibetan amber pendant. It can be worn as a necklace on a chain, or simply displayed as a work of art. The pendant is approximately 3 1/2 inches wide, and is a beautiful swirling amber color." This pendant is perfect for book lovers because of the immediate images it will evoke of stories involving similar objects. It may remind the reader of the ring of power Frodo Baggins carried on a chain around his neck to the land of Mordor. Or the amber color could even remind the reader of delicious donuts made by the dozens in Robert McCloskey's "Homer Price”. A glance at the pendant may also conjure up images of Sherlock Holmes opening a pocket watch which provides a clue to solving a crime. And, speaking of Sherlock Holmes, the world’s greatest detective would certainly put this antique Chinese amber smoking pipe to good use.

And those you love the classical Chinese novel "Dream of the Red Chamber", written by Cao Xueqin, will enjoy receiving the Chinese hand fans featuring Xue Baochai. and also featuring Lin Daiyu and Jia Baoyu, the principal characters involved in a love triangle.