Seven Reasons to Surround Yourself with Inspirational Feng Shui Wall Art Paintings

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Did you know that Feng Shui art can do wonders for boosting employee engagement?

Many individuals and businesses purchase artwork for the sake of decorating their space, based only on environmental aesthetics. However, when you opt for Feng Shui inspired positive energy moving sand art pictures, happy fine art painting and photos for sale at, you will receive more than aesthetic appeal to your home and office environment.

Here are seven reasons to consider surrounding yourself with inspiring Explosion Luck's Feng Shui wall art paintings and photography for corporate and home offices:

1. Feng Shui Canvas Art Inspires.
Whether or not you consider yourself to be creative, surrounding yourself with positive artwork will provide you with a dose of inspiration. Positive energy artwork features clean lines and vivid colors that evoke feelings of strength and inspire you to undertake, otherwise, insurmountable tasks.

2. Feng Shui Canvas Art Improves Mood.
Positive canvas artwork has been shown to improve mood and overall well being. A study conducted by Professor Semir Seki of the University of London, indicated that subjects who were exposed to beautiful artwork experienced as much as a 10 percent blood flow increase to the brain. Such an increase in blood flow is the equivalent of gazing at someone you love.

3. Feng Shui Art Improves Employee Morale.
If you want to improve staff morale, getting some positive wall art paintings is one of the best ways to do so. A study conducted by Robert S. Ulrich showed that provision of positive artwork in the working environment improves employee attitudes and job satisfaction.

4. Feng Shui Canvas Art Improves Productivity.
Just as some types of music can sap your energy, positive energy artwork has been shown to improve productivity. A survey conducted by the Business Committee for the Arts indicated that positive artwork improves overall productivity in the workplace. In addition, 82 per cent of individuals surveyed said that art was important in the work space.

5. Feng Shui Canvas Art Improves Health.
Suffering from poor health? Then introducing some positive energy artwork may very well give your health a boost. Another research conducted by Roger S. Ulrich indicated that patients who looked at canvas art are more hopeful and optimistic about their treatment options and in some cases were discharged one day sooner than those who just gazed at brick walls.

6. Feng Shui Canvas Art Reduces Stress.
If you are one of the many people who live a highly stressed life, then surrounding yourself with positive artwork may help to reduce your stress levels. One study by J.H. Heerwagen indicated that when highly stressed pre-surgical patients were shown a nature picture, their blood pressure was lowered within 3 minutes.

7. Feng Shui Canvas Art Promotes Serenity.
There is something about positive energy artwork that makes you feel at peace. Surrounding yourself with positive energy wall art paintings and photography can also evoke tranquillity. This can be partially attributed to the colors that are used in these paintings. Hues of blue and green are widely known to promote a feeling of serenity.