Three Reasons Feng Shui Paintings and Sand Art Pictures Make a Great Father's Day Gift

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With Father's Day around the corner you may be wondering what kind of inspirational painting, Feng Shui photo or amazing moving sandart to buy for your Dad.

Man has always been inspired by art. Naturally, art has always inspired Man. That’s because Man creates and captures imagery of people and actions that are valued by him, to preserve moments for all time. Fathers are men whose lives are full of inspirational events, activities, and people. Fathers have families who they cherish and do things with. While some people like photography to illustrate their life’s passions, most men prefer dramatic scenes of wildlife, the outdoors, cowboys, Indians, and horses. They also like portraits of their loved ones and pets.

Inspirational Feng Shui wall art paintings encompass all of these elements, with bold colors, stop action, and subjects that touch a man’s heart. Western scenes with cowboys, horses, and Indians are irresistible to the “real man” inside every father. Unleash your father’s spirit with a gift on Father’s Day that will thrill him for all time.

Here are three reasons why inspirational Feng Shui wall art paintings will make Dad happy:

Celebration of Life

Dad may seem stoic. Maybe he doesn’t gush about things, except perhaps guy things like sports, hunting, cars, and adventure. Why would something pastoral be appropriate for a person like this? Because deep inside the hard exterior of every man is a real softy: Someone who gets emotional about the important things in life. Men are doers and not talkers. They like action. Dramatic scenes of doing great things and heroic achievements shake a man to his core. He won’t tell you what he’s thinking, but you will know what he is feeling when he stares at the gift you give him.


Men live for history. They are motivated by the thought of being remembered for doing something great. Consequently, they also love to honor and revere historical events: Maybe not a battle scene frozen in time, or a specific occurrence from a textbook; but some simple moment etched in eternity, like a lone ranger on his horse overlooking majestic landscape; perhaps a dog entranced by a hedgehog in the yard; or maybe a stoic Native American staring proudly out of the picture into the soul of the artist. All of these things evoke powerful feelings and inspire a man to keep doing what he’s doing, to work hard for his life’s work through remembrance of those who have come before him.


Men are proud individuals. They pride themselves on their achievements, and also in being good and doing deeds for others. Men like to be recognized for their value to society. They also like to value other’s contributions to the world. Inspirational framed wall art painting Late for Dinner is one of the examples. Truly inspirational Feng Shui paintings make a man proud to own such a moving piece of art.

That art on the wall of his den that you gave him will continue to remind him of his value to you for years to come. It all comes together in paintings. From scenes of wild pheasants and adorable muleys, to gentle pets, paintings capture every moment that a man can imagine. Always bigger than the men who possess them, imaginations, like paintings, compel men to greater achievements they can be proud of.

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