Unique Father's Day Gifts for Good Luck

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Are you looking for unique gift ideas for Father's Day to decide which special and unique gift or which one-of-a-kind gift set to buy for your Dad?  Why not give him unique gifts for good luck, inspired by Feng Shui art, to elevate his health, luck, tranquility and confidence in mid-years?

While Mother's Day is celebrated with fanfare and hype befitting the nurturing female who treated us with patience when we were annoying little tykes, Father's Day is often greeted with not as much attention as it deserves.

Fathers are, after all, dearest people who are always expected to be there for us to bail us out of trouble. They are often blustery and noisy and like to spout off about the government or the economy or how their kids should do better in school.

This Father's Day give your dad a unique gift that tells him how special he is and how much you appreciate him.  At Explosion Luck we have many Feng Shui products and one-of-a-kind gifts for him. 

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Consider for example the handcrafted grasshopper statue entitled "The Sage." Contained in a 4" x 4" x 5" glass box suitable for display anywhere, the grasshopper sports a brilliant green body and vibrant yellow wings. The name of this piece is particularly fitting for Dad, since he is (or at least likes to THINK he is) the sagacious and wise one in the house. He realizes deep down of course, as we all do, that his advice is only followed if Mom confirms it, but in his typical male ego is willing to overlook this fact and assume all the credit for his good advice.

Another fine good luck gift that is particularly fitting for Father's Day is the majestic and awe inspiring wall art painting entitled "The Great Escape." Depicted in this painting is a rugged cowboy in hot pursuit of two wayward cows on the sagebrush mountains. All fathers picture themselves as rugged individualists, whether they actually are or not. This picture captures the essence of what Dad considers his true inner self to be, even if no one else sees him that way.

Dad is also sure to love one of our impressive sand art pictures. These unique framed pieces of Feng Shui artwork have captured sand which rests between two pieces of clear glass. If the picture is inverted, the sand shifts and falls, creating an ever moving landscape of beauty and repose. Dad is sure to love the Aurora Borealis sand picture, with its icy blue and white colorings, etched also with shifting black. The effect is both eerie and serene as the sands shift. Dad is sure to enjoy one of these sand pictures in his office, as a conversation starter for all who enter.

Another inspirational Feng Shui gift for Father's Day is Tibetan thangka depicting the Avalokitesvara, the Buddhist deity of Infinite Compassion.  This Feng Shui artwork will help Dad improve his health, luck and outlook and even become inspired to undertake the new meditation routine he's been thinking about.

And yet another gift item that Dad will probably enjoy in his office is the Vaishravana Feng Shui decorative pillow. The image on this pillow is of a scowling Vaishravana, one of the four heavenly kings. This somber image is a pleasant reminder to Dad that his own scowls are often appropriate, as he seeks to correct the bad ideas of his children and co-workers. But the pillow serves another useful purpose as well. In those rare office moments when no one is watching, Dad can use it to get comfortable and take a short catnap, to rest his weary bones.

An Inuit sculpture is also sure to please Dad, due to its rustic power and strength. For example the Dancing Bear Inuit statue demonstrates both the fun-loving and frighteningly powerful image that all fathers like to have of themselves. All fathers are just big, happy, dancing teddy bears in disguise, and can usually be kept happy with the simple things of life. But like all bears--watch out if you get them upset!

Is your Dad a tea lover? Give him a unique non-tea gift for tea connoisseurs.

And if he is a coffee drinker, give him a unique non-coffee gift for coffee lovers.

And how about good luck necklaces for men that will bring health and prosperity to your Dad?  Or Kwan Yin gift that will bring him good luck? Explosion Luck's Feng Shui jewelry store quality collection includes stunning Asian good luck charms and unisex pendant necklaces that bring good luck.

Finally, you should consider getting your history buff Dad the antique Tibetan Red Conch Shell. Etched decoratively with brass-toned silverwork, this colorful item sports red, turquoise and indigo blue pieces in the lotus flower. While Dad will admire the articulate handiwork that went into crafting this fine piece, he will also see it as a great addition to his growing collection of Buddhist art.