The Best Holiday Gift Guide For 2016- Feng Shui Art Gifts

        Top Christmas Gifts and the Best Holiday Gift Guide For 2016

        The secret is out: Feng Shui art and good luck Feng Shui jewelry are great and unique holiday gifts that everyone is looking to buy top Christmas gifts for men and unique Christmas gifts for women.

        There's always that one gift you get on Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, on your birthday, for an anniversary or on Christmas day – that strikes a chord in your heart and it truly means something. You know the gift that was so thoughtfully purchased, and it helped you so much. It's priceless.

        Fengshui gifts like these are very difficult to find, but today, we're going to change that.

        A lot of the gifts that are given to others these days are not sincere and from the heart. It's time to inject some personality and thoughtfulness into your holiday gift giving by choosing a real good luck Feng Shui gift, based on Feng Shui art principles.

        Feng Shui Gifts For All Occasions

        In this exciting, new gift guide, you'll get a fresh look at some of the hottest and best romantic gifts for sale here at Explosion Luck. From our life changing Fenghui paintings, to our powerful Feng Shui Inuit sculptures and our inspirational Feng Shui Buddha thangkas, we've got them all covered here in this gift guide!

        Here at Explosion Luck, we've got a wide variety of Feng Shui paintings, good luck paintings for home, and stress relief gifts to suit your life. These gifts for tea lovers and coffee lovers will bring prosperity, abundance and happiness into your life through positive Chi energy. You'll see the true power of our gifts later on, as we showcase how our lucky gifts can positively impact someone's life and help you achieve your goals.

        Forget the chocolates and sweaters.

        It's time to give a truly thoughtful and mindful gift, and show them how much you care.

        Of course, you might feel like getting yourself a gift, after all, you deserve one! Whether you want to treat yourself to a Feng Shui gift or want to give a gift to someone else, our gift guide has you covered!


        1. Grasshopper Art Statues


        Grasshoppers, the universal good luck gifts and lucky charms, are amazing Feng Shui gifts for everyone on your list, including men, women and kids.  Each Feng Shui Limited Edition Handmade Grasshopper Statue has its own name, its own personality, and its own unique colors.  Click here to explore the adorable grasshoppers, and take your pick.


        2. Feng Shui Jewelry and Tibetan Thangka Pendant Necklaces

        As a busy professional struggling to meet the demands of a highly competitive, fast paced business world, it often seems impossible to find the time to take care of yourself the way you should. Ignoring aches and pains, not getting enough rest, and not eating right can create many negative impacts on your day to day life that you may not even notice.

        Yoga, meditation, or even simply taking time out to reflect, are just a few of the tools you may enlist to combat the stress that you encounter on a daily basis to improve your mental, and spiritual well-being. However, these activities are time consuming, and require peaceful environments in order to be effective. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to carry a small token of serenity and peace with you to remind you throughout your day to embrace calmness, and create harmony in your environment?

        That is exactly what our Feng Shui Jewelry, and unique Tibetan Thankga pendant necklaces are designed to accomplish!

        Traditional Feng Shui, and Tibetan Thangka art has adorned the homes of countless generations of successful people, just like you, who are seeking a spiritual pathway to improve their lives, and increase their overall level of happiness and well-being. Now, that same life affirming power can be carried with you everywhere you go. Delicate, ornate, and beautifully designed Explosion Luck Feng Shui jewelry is a wearable reminder that you are continually inviting peace, mindfulness, good fortune, and prosperity into your life, and the lives of those around you.

        Also, remember that Explosion Luck Tibetan Thangka jewelry perfectly compliments the more traditional Tibetan thangka tapestries and Buddha thangka paintings that may already adorn your home, or office! Combine the power of these ancient auspicious Feng Shui art pieces to magnify their harmonious qualities!

        These amazingly elegant pendants are made even more precious when given to someone as a present, bestowing the gift of unlimited good fortune upon your friends and loved ones is sure to boost your own sense of harmony in the universe. It is after all better to give than to receive!

        Don’t wait another second! If you want to spread wealth, prosperity and excellent health choose your favorite piece of enlightening jewelry, and purchase it TODAY!


        3. Feng Shui Buddha Thangkas

        buy Feng Shui Buddhist Thangkas at as a great holiday gift

        Tibetan Buddha thangkas are one of the best gifts you can get someone, today. They focus on bringing a calm spirit to their office or home, and can reinforce meditation.

        Buddha thangkas are the most appropriate for men and women in the 20+ age category who are health-conscious, are learning yoga, love meditation and care about what kind of art they surround themselves with at home and at work.

        They also suit both women and men who lead stressful lives and need to bring a little relaxation into their lifestyles. That's not easy, but Buddha thangkas can help them tap into their spiritual self and overcome this stress with mental relaxation. This will help their work/life balance and will de-stress them whilst working. Buddha thangkas will also help them become more productive in their professional lives, take out negative energy in the workplace and will bring success to their business or professional life.

        These Buddha thangkas are also great for elderly women who need emotional support and will buy products to improve their physical health and also, their mental health.
        Buddha thangkas are also a great office wall decor items for a psychologist's office, a healer's office, acupuncturist's office, yoga studio, and so on. They can instil a sense of calm (especially for patients, to help them relax) in an office or waiting room, and help promote meditation to all who pay a visit.

        Relaxed patients always come back, simple!

        That's not all.

        Buddha thangka can also bring good luck and positive energy to those around it! Give this gift for someone who needs an extra bit of luck in their life, or want to get more positivity into their life.

        4. Feng Shui Sandart

        buy flowing sand art at as Christmas gift

        Moving sand pictures are perfect for individuals or couples who work hard and need to de-stress when they get home. Both students and professionals are just two of the types of people that could really benefit from moving sand art pictures. Watching the flowing sandart will bring a relaxing sensation to them, and will help put their mind at ease.
        If there is anyone in your life who is living a fast paced (sometimes a little too fast paced) lifestyle, and maybe worries about the future, and you want them to enjoy the present moment, you should get them moving sand art picture.
        As the granules gently fall away and the image dissolves, it will help to calm and alleviate any stress that has built up. There is nothing more therapeutic than watching the sand gradually dissolve!
        The moving sandart picture is very similar to an hourglass and makes one think about the movement of time. Second by second, they will notice how to slow down their stressful and fast paced lifestyle, and live fully in the moment. They will live for the present, rather than worry about the future.

        5. Feng Shui Horse Paintings


        buy Feng Shui horse painting as Christmas gift at

        Feng Shui horse art is a very inspirational type of art, and is perfect for professionals (lawyers, doctors, psychologists, acupuncturists) to place on their walls.
        Visiting an office for health reasons, or even, needing an accountant or lawyer is extremely stressful, no matter what the circumstances.
        If you know someone who has an office or waiting room, and has some sort of a practice with customers, the greatest gift you can give them is a horse painting. They can place this in their office, and it will calm patients who wait in the office. It will bring more harmony and prosperity to their business, as positive vibes can be felt from a horse painting.
        It has been proven that relaxed customers and patients come back and do repeat visits, because of their positive experience the last time round. This will create a lot more business opportunities as a result.
        By incorporating horse art into their waiting room and offices, they can calm their patients or customers and make visiting their practice a lot more pleasant and less stressful. It will definitely increase their numbers of repeat customers, and could bring in a lot more business!
        Perfect For Mothers Too!
        Horse art would make a nice addition to any household.
        Let's face it. Women love horses. As a girl, they always wanted a horse to care for and groom, and go on adventures through the forests with. Horses are beautiful, brave and fearless. And today, many women still adore horses and their everlasting beauty.
        The perfect gift for the woman in your life should be a horse painting.
        In the home, horse paintings bring harmony, prosperity and lots of good fortune. They create a relaxed and calm environment in one’s home, and invite good fortune.

        6. Feng Shui Bird Paintings

        buy Feng Shui bird art painting at as Christmas gift

         Feng Shui bird art is perfect for women who want to put more of their time into their family rather than their careers.
        Careers are taking over women's lives, and whilst it is good to have a satisfying professional life, family is very important to women and is perhaps, more important than their career will ever be.
        If you know some women who wants to spend more time with their kids, or need help with their work life balance or want to bring more prosperity into their life, the best gift for them would be a bird painting.
        Birds symbolize freedom, harmony and love. They help families to co-operate better, bring the family together and overall, promote harmony within any family.
        Our Feng Shui bird art can also help you find true love. With a bird painting, romance will be on its way and will blossom when you finally meet your true love. Bird paintings would be well suited towards those who are looking for love, and want to find that special someone.

        7. Feng Shui Still Life Paintings

        buy Feng Shui still life painting at as Christmas gift

        A Feng Shui still life painting is the ideal gift for those who want to live in the present moment, and enjoy life to the very fullest. This includes elderly people who want to spend their years in harmony with the world, those who live a fast-paced life and want to slow down and parents who want to spend time with their kids who are just growing up too quickly for their liking.
        With a still life painting, you will be able to focus in on every moment a lot more easily. You will see the true beauty of your life, of the Earth and of the people around you, a lot more clearly and realize that every moment should be enjoyed to its fullest.
        Still life paintings of fruit and flowers also bring prosperity, abundance and good fortune. Full of positivity, these paintings will help you attract more positive thoughts and feelings into your life.
        Here at Explosion Luck, we have an extensive collection of still life paintings that are sure to help your loved ones and friends appreciate the beauty of the present moment a whole lot more and invite abundance and prosperity when they decorate their kitchen and dining room with this lovely Feng Shui art.

        8. Inuit Sculptures

        buy Inuit sculptures at as Christmas gift

        Inuit sculptures are perfect for the animal lover or nature lover in your life.
        Inuit sculptures are one of the most organic forms of art that exist, because they are made of serpentine, steatite and argillite which are deposits of the Arctic. The Arctic is one of the most serene places on Earth, untouched by human pollution and conflict. Inuit sculptures possess the great power of nature from the Arctic, and can connect those around it with nature and the call of the wild.
        The deposits are then shaped into spirit animals commonly found in the Arctic such as seals, whales, bears, fish, polar bears and wolves. Each spirit animal emits its own positive energy and bring powerful messages of ascension, strength and resilience, no matter what the times. These animals live in a tough land where food is scarce and weather is bitterly cold, but still they survive and rise to the top.
        There is sure to be a nature or animal lover in your life, and Inuit sculpture will be a perfect gift for them!

        9. Feng Shui Water Art

        buy Feng Shui water painting as a holiday gift at

        Feng Shui water art is well suited towards the person in your life who wants more wealth, prosperity and abundance of positive energy.
        Water will help to cleanse and bring back feelings of a new life. It will refresh them with new possibilities for life and will bring abundance. Water is always moving, and in a way, it reflects life. Things come and go, but life moves on. They will be reminded of this everyday as they reflect on their painting. Water brings change, progression and healing, all towards something better.
        It's also perfect for those who made a big change in their life such as a student who moved to university or a new couple who just got married. The water will help bring prosperity, happiness and abundance to their lives. It's the perfect blessing for a wedding couple or person who made a big change in their life.

        10. Feng Shui Mountain Painting

        Feng Shui mountain paintings are perfect for the person in your life that wants more success, prosperity and support. These include business owners, students, professionals, doctors, lawyers and entrepreneurs who strive to make an impact on the world, and achieve prosperity along the way.
        The mountain demonstrates ascension, power, prosperity and good fortune.
        It reminds professionals, students and entrepreneurs of their goals and how badly they want to reach them.

        Does your son or daughter want to get good grades? Does your husband or wife want to be promoted in their job? Do you know an entrepreneur who wants to increase business profits? The best painting is the mountain painting, because it reminds them of the climb they need to continue to see the summit and reach their goals. The best view comes after the toughest climb, and we can see it in any mountain painting.
        Business owners can also expect profits, more customers and more prosperity with Feng Shui mountain painting in their office because they will remind their employees of their goals in the business and what they want the business to achieve, and provide the business owner with more support in their business life.

        11. Feng Shui Landscape Painting


        Feng Shui landscape paintings demonstrate freedom and openness, and so they are the best gift for entrepreneurs who are always on the lookout for new ideas and always need to solve problems in their business.
        The freedom and expanse in a landscape painting allows the mind to wander free and will help it to find creative solutions to problems in a business, or to create new ideas for products in the business. If they have a meeting room or a weekly discussion group, they can hang this painting on the wall. Then, when they start brainstorming, the doorway to possibility from the painting will be opened. Feng Shui landscape paintings bring creativity, strategy and productivity into the workplace and will help inspire entrepreneurs to think of new ideas for more profit, products or to solve problems.
        Entrepreneurs and business owners can hang a landscape painting on a wall in their office or company building. This Feng Shui painting will bring prosperity, wealth and good fortune. The calmness in the painting promotes good harmony in the office, and can help alleviate work related stress too.


        12. Feng Shui Wildlife Painting

        Here at Explosion Luck, we offer a variety of Feng Shui wildlife paintings.

        Each painting focuses on a different animal. Here is a sample of just a few of our paintings, and what people you should buy them for.

        Feng Shui Bear Paintings – Bears are always on the lookout for new sources of food, even though they may be starving or in a rough patch where food is scarce. For anyone who needs some extra good fortune in their lives, a bear painting will reassure them that good fortune is on the way, and that they will survive and come out victorious. A bear painting shows that anything is possible if you've got enough resilience and strength within you.

        Feng Shui Wild Animal Paintings and Sculptures – Just like the bear, Eskimo animals such as birds and seals can still find food through harsh winters when food is not available for months at a time, as they search hard enough for it. This same philosophy can be applied to our own daily lives. If you know anyone whose life has downturned for the worst, a wild animal painting or sculpture may be just what they need. For example, you may have a friend that had a business which took a sharp dive in profits. A painting of a wild animal will show to them, day in and day out, that failure doesn't last forever, and that with some Feng Shui, good luck is on the way.

        Feng Shui Deer Paintings – These paintings of gentle deer are perfect for any home. The gentle and soulful eyes of the deer will calm your mind and bring a sense of harmony to your life. For any caring mother, a deer painting would be one of the best gifts they could receive. It will stimulate harmony between them and their child or baby, and will make sure the baby grows up in a gentle, loving and caring environment.

        13. Feng Shui Portrait Painting


        If you know someone who is single or wants to attract the right person (such as a baby, mentor, friend or partner) into their life, the best painting that would suit their needs is a Feng Shui portrait painting.

        It could be your son or daughter, maybe your brother or sister. It could be someone you know from work. Everyone wants to find true love, or to gain a loyal friend that shares a deep connection with them, or a mentor that could help them with their business.
        Portrait paintings help those who want to attract that special someone in their life, by reminding them of their intention. It will help surround their thoughts and feelings towards that person who will change their life forever. Seeing a portrait painting really reminds those who want love or friendship, that it's coming and that they must go out into the world and find it.

        14. Feng Shui Cowboy Painting

        buy cowboy paiting as Christmas gift at


        Cowboy art is perfect for the hard worker in your life, who's always striving to make an impact. Whether they want to change their personal or professional lives, you can be sure that the cowboy art from Explosion Luck will help them soar through any task.
        It's often difficult to get the motivation to do things, and some people may have shorter attention spans than others or find it difficult to concentrate on their goals. You can give those who get distracted easily the gift of a horse painting. This will help them realize their goals and will motivate them to get their work done, so they can achieve what they always wanted to achieve in their life. It will instill a work ethic that won't be easily lost.
        When you see a cowboy painting in your study, or office, you just want to get out into the world and change something. The same applies to those you care for in your life. It could help students get better grades, help business leaders to get better and bigger profits and professional people to get more promotions. It will bring a quick and speedy ascent to anyone's professional life.


        You've seen the wide variety of amazing holiday gifts that are available at Explosion Luck.

        You can truly inspire someone with the gift of a single Feng Shui painting, Buddha thangka or Inuit sculpture. Every gift we have here brings different effects and suits different people, with different circumstances. However, there is definitely going to be a gift here that will suit one of your loved ones and will truly help them. From students to professionals to moms to entrepreneurs, we've got a gift that will change their life around forever.

        No other gift in the world has the power to change someone's life around much, but here at Explosion Luck, we believe that our Feng Shui art and jewelry gifts truly can.